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Sep 2015

ITV 3 | One Thing Great Managers Do

Managing is hard. It will never be a cakewalk. Period. So, when we can gather tools and concepts that make managing EASIER and draw the best out of the people around us, well that’s a management-win. All around. This week on Isogo TV, I share my managing story and the proven ONE thing great managers do.

Sep 2015

ITV 2 | You’re You

StrengthsFinder identifies the package of attributes that uniquely describes only you. This week we unpack the truth that some of our strengths--and quirks!--have been with us since childhood. How do we use those things today? Let's explore!

Sep 2015

ITV 1 | Fixing Weaknesses

Over 12 million people have taken the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder(R) to uncover their 5 most unique talents and strengths. But, what are we DOING with them? These Strengths are the key to becoming better managers, building stronger teams, and getting through the strife and frustration in EVERY relationship around us (yes, really!). With some tools and intention, that can be a reality. Join IsogoTV Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast every week as I share tools, tips and real stories about applying your greatest strengths to your everyday work and your everyday life. I’ve seen it, and I’m living it! Let’s explore.

In this episode, I start off the conversation by sharing the paradigm we all must understand and operate from if we are going to do what energizes us most as we excel toward success.

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