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Oct 2015

ITV 8 | Q&A What if I have been told these “aren’t strengths”?

On this Q&A day, I answer a question I hear quite often after someone sees their StrengthsFinder Talent Themes for the first time. Sometimes our Talents have gotten us in trouble in the past, and we've been told to tone them down. This can be confusing when now we're being told they can be used as Strengths.

Oct 2015

ITV 7 | The Best One-on-One Meeting Part 1

As a manager or team leader, our one-on-one meetings with our team are often annoying or perplexing. One or both of you leave feeling discouraged or unproductive. It doesn't have to be that way! Today, I share Part 1 on how to have your BEST 1-1 meeting with your staff.

Oct 2015

ITV 6 | How We Saved Our Marriage

Hands down, the greatest day-in-day-out impact of a Strengths-based perspective has been on my marriage. On the closest relationship of my life. It was from that impact, that I saw the power for every relationship (personal or professional). So, I hope the challenge and the (imperfect) recovery of my story impacts your story.

Oct 2015

ITV 5 | Our Strengths Are a Language

Traveling abroad or chatting in your own house, miscommunication can take us down a long (sometimes ugly!) road. Today, I'm unpacking the cause of that all-too-common frustration and giving you an idea of why putting words to our strengths clears away the muddled frustration and opens up opportunity to bring the best of yourself and bring out the best in others.

Oct 2015

ITV 4 | Will my StrengthsFinder results change?

There is one question I hear in every engagement I facilitate--from a bright group of engineers to 1-1 coaching with a mom-preneur...Will my StrengthsFinder results change? So, in this episode of Isogo TV, I answer that question and share the takeaway from a very frustrated manager about this very thing.

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