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Nov 2015

ITV 11 | Best Question a Manager Can Ask

As a manager, if you are looking for a magic bullet to motivating your folks, the truth from this episode is about as close as you are going to get. Ask this one question of each of your team members, help them apply it, and watch their productivity soar. And maybe take a thing or two off your plate as well!

Nov 2015

ITV 10 | Signs of Talent

Turns out that an obsession with peanut butter can actually be a sign of talent! Strength shows up in the most ordinary and most unlikely of places in our everyday work and our everyday lives. Often, it is those personality quirks--even idiosyncrasies--that can point us towards our greatest strengths. Today mine shows up a in peanut-butter-stirring superpower.

Nov 2015

ITV 9 | Internal and Invisible, Tribute to Curt Liesveld

In this tribute episode, it is the words of Curt Liesveld that say that Talent is "internal and invisible" and, as he impressed on me over and over before he suddenly passed away this year, it is our job--our challenge--to bring that internal and invisible out into the external and visible, to allow our strengths to be used, to be understood and to flourish.

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