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Dec 2015

ITV 14 | Turn Frustration Into Appreciation

If you have had a frustrating family moment this bustling season or beyond, this one is for you. This week on Episode 14 of Isogo TV I share the path to turning family frustration into true appreciation. It’s not magic, but it works quite like it.

Dec 2015

ITV 13 | What Your Strengths Need

One of the most powerful applications of knowing your Strengths is that every talent you have provides a hint about what you NEED. When you know your needs, you begin to see what's missing around you and where there may be opportunities to use your strengths even more effectively.

Dec 2015

ITV 12 | Q&A Are my StrengthFinder 28-34 my weaknesses?

On this Q&A day, I answer a question I often hear when people access their Full 34 StrengthsFinder report. Their eyes immediately travel to the bottom of the list — 29-34 — and they ask…are these my weaknesses? Today, I define what a weakness really is and address the bottom of that list!

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