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Jan 2016

ITV 18 | How Opposites Can Strengthen (or Ruin) Your Marriage

David and I have met a lot of couples who are starry-eyed and in love, and we love that stage, how the opposites about them are the most attractive. Later, those same opposites can either threaten to ruin the marriage or make it stronger than they could have ever been on their own. I've seen it and I'm living it...dive in with me!

Jan 2016

ITV 17 | First 2 Steps to Using Your Strengths

At a time of year when there is a lot of talk about habit and resolution, it truly is the little steps that count. Today I share 2 SUPER PRACTICAL first two steps anyone can take to walk toward putting their Strengths to work.

Jan 2016

ITV 16 | Q&A How do I know my strengths?

On this Q&A day, I answer a question you asked me within the first couple weeks of this video podcast. So thank you for that! I share a couple ways to gain hints of what your strengths are, as well as my favorite tool that really puts meat and and heart to those talents of yours (in a totally valid and reliable way I might add!).

Jan 2016

ITV 15 | The Best One-on-One Meeting Part 2

Managers and team leaders, this tool is for you! Today I share about using your next 1-1 meeting to proactively invite the strengths of your direct reports to be used in crucial parts of their role, project, or team. When you do, you'll really see them soar, and you'll feel the relief of knowing it's all done well! This is Part 2 of 2, so be sure to check out Episode 7 for Part 1 if you haven't already.

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