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Feb 2016

ITV 22 | How to Motivate When They Don’t Want to Move

Motivation is not something that we "do" to people. It is in our patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior--our Talents--that we start to get hints about what might be motivating to the people who are around us. Examples and a super-practical, effective tool on Isogo TV today!

Feb 2016

ITV 21 | What to do about Strengths envy

You would never guess how many Takes we shoot to get the thoughts from my head to the screen--sometimes I wish I had more COMMUNICATION strength! I'm tackling the topic of Strengths Envy today on Isogo TV. It is going to happen, so what can we do about it?? Let's dive in!

Feb 2016

ITV 20 | What if I don’t like my StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths?

On this StrengthsFinder Q&A day, I am answering a question that is near and dear to my heart--and it is life changing for people who "don't like" their Strengths. It comes from a friend in the very first days of my introduction to StrengthsFinder and is one that continues to come up more often than I'd like to hear. So, if you're one of those people (or know someone who is!), this one is for you.

Feb 2016

ITV 19 | Hidden Power of Weakness

In many office or team environments, the hidden power of weakness often goes unwielded. In order to use the power of weaknesses, you have to admit what they are, and as a manager, it is up to you to set a stage that says that weakness is ok. (Gulp!) It's a tough one that I'm glad we can chat about today.

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