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Mar 2016

ITV 25 | Two Preschool Lessons That Have Changed My Life

Nothing like a house full of preschoolers to enlighten me---there are some basic life lessons learned in preschool that we should be applying as adults. And in fact they are the same lessons I teach to real live grown up adults! Instead of driving people away because of their differences, the StrengthsFinder perspective has enabled me to appreciate them for the magnificent preschool artwork that they are. Dive in with me and let me share!

Mar 2016

ITV 24 | Can My StrengthsFinder Strength Also Be My Weakness?

On this StrengthsFinder Q&A day, I am answering a question that you have asked me in several of my workshop experiences. Strengths that have manifested themselves as weaknesses in our lives can be perplexing. So, join me as I dive and answer your question: Can my StrengthsFinder Strength also be my weakness?

Mar 2016

ITV 23 | The Most Effective Communication Strategies (That Really Get Through)

As a manager, your communication will be most effective to the degree that it matches the FILTERS of the people around you. Understanding this filter (that is built by their natural Talents) will be THE KEY to knowing which messages will get through and which will get stuck. Join me on Isogo TV today to explore the most effective communication.

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