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Apr 2016

ITV 30 | What Your Marriage Needs to Get Out of the Downward Spiral

StrengthsFinder in marriage, really? Yes, really. In this Episode I am getting into the details of what your marriage (and mine!) really needs to get out of a downward spiral. And I'm sharing a word picture that I used to hate, but well, now I have been won over. So, let's climb up out of the spiral together!

Apr 2016

ITV 29 | Surefire Way to Remember Your Strengths AND How to Use Them

If the #1 key to success through our StrengthsFinder Strengths is remembering them, then MOST people I have met FAIL pretty miserably even a week after they have taken the StrengthsFinder. Myself included! In this episode I share a quick and fun way to remember your Strengths and how to use them. So get ready to get up and get moving. Let's dive in!

Apr 2016

ITV 28 | Does the Order of My StrengthsFinder Top 5 Matter?

Attention all StrengthsFinder newbies and nerds. Today on this Q&A day, I am getting to the bottom of the "order" of your Top 5 Strengths. It is not a sexy one, but it certainly is a question I get all the time. So, let's dive in!

Apr 2016

ITV 27 | The Best Career for Your Strengths

We spend most of our lives at work. Shouldn't we LOVE what we do? On today's episode, I'm sharing the role of your own Talents and Strengths as you seek the BEST career for you. So join me today as we explore!

Apr 2016

ITV 26 | The ONLY Parenting Strategy That Works

There are A TON of "best" parenting philosophies out there--trust me, I've pursued them! But, really, there is only one parenting strategy that actually works. In today's episode, I open the door to this strategy. It absolutely is the ONLY way. Let's dive in!

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