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May 2016

ITV 34 | The Ultimate Decision Maker, Getting Clear About Your Values

The thousands of decisions that we make every day can be exhausting, perplexing, and even paralyzing. Today, I am sharing a perspective that can become the ultimate filter for every decision you face, remind you why you're "in the arena" in the first place, and lead to greater success, more energy, and less frustration at every turn. So, let's dive in!

May 2016

ITV 33 | Why You Actually CANNOT Be Anything You Want To Be

Today, I am addressing a common sentiment in our world that I believe is truly misleading. I share examples from several of today's most powerful and successful influencers, as we explore why we actually cannot be anything we want to be. It has me nervous and excited all at once. So, let's dive in!

May 2016

ITV 32 | Isn’t StrengthsFinder an Excuse to Suck?

On this Q&A day, I'm answering a question I've been asked on many occasions, both in jest and in all seriousness. And the answer has significant power to change your mindset about weakness--it really does. It packs a punch and has real take-home value. So, let's dive in!

May 2016

ITV 31 | Ultra-specific Way to Experience More Flow + Less Frustration at Work (or Play!)

Today I am sharing one of the most tangible, practical tools to experience more successful flow and less frustration in every role you play. This word picture has really helped bring it home for me and my clients, and I know it can for you, too. I also introduce another awesome, free tool. So, let's dive in!

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