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Jun 2017

ITV 51 | Pull in a Partner to Help Keep the Rhythm {balance series 6 of 8}

There is nothing quite as powerful to achieving life-balance as bringing in a partner to help along the way. Today on Isogo TV unpack the 4 Key Roles a partner plays and hear some real-life examples from my own life rhythm to get you going!

Jun 2017

ITV 50 | The Power of Saying No {and YES!} {balance series 5 of 8}

As we take up the courage to say NO, we realize we are free to say YES to other even more freeing & energizing things.Today on isogo TV, we get to chat about how to do just that--and the sense of balance it can truly bring!

Jun 2017

ITV 49 | Set Priorities by What Energizes and Drains {balance series 4 of 8}

Much of the frenzy in our lack of balance comes from the overwhelm of prioritizing. Today on Isogo TV, we sort out those things that energize and those things that drain and we start to see our priorities {& our Strengths!} emerge.

Jun 2017

ITV 48 | Identify What is “Off” {balance series 3 of 8}

Managing all the pieces of life feels like a game of Jenga--one wrong move & the whole thing will topple! Today on Isogo TV, we take a clear look at that "tower" to see exactly what feels off balance.

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