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Aug 2017

ITV 57 | Make the BIGGEST Impact on Your Marriage with This ONE Action {marriage series 4 of 8}

Today on Isogo TV, we explore the #1 most telling and influential action you can take to impact the depth of connection in your marriage. Learn the 2 reasons speaking well of your spouse makes THE BIGGEST impact on your marriage and the 2 Strengths-specific ways to honor your him/her in public!

Aug 2017

ITV 56 | Reframe Offenses Through Strength {marriage series 3 of 8}

In marriage, sometimes we are dumbfounded by the reactions or decisions that that spouse of ours makes! In part 3 of 8 of our Isogo TV Marriage Miniseries hear specific examples of what Strengths-reframing looks like and how it works to reverse those dumbfounding moments in your marriage. 

Aug 2017

ITV 55 | The ONE Action That Changes Everything in Your Argument {marriage series 2 of 8}

If you ever get frustrated with your spouse, this one is for you! Learn the ONE thing that stops an argument in its tracks and challenge yourself to insert this ONE action and mindset into your next argument with your spouse...if you have that type of thing!

Aug 2017

ITV 54 | Top 3 Ways to {truly!} Know Your Spouse {marriage series 1 of 8}

In today's first episode of our 8-part Isogo TV Miniseries on Marriage, we are setting the foundation to build a deeper connection with your spouse. Dive in to see how solid your foundation is and the 3 Ways to truly know your spouse!

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