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Sep 2017

ITV 61 | The 5 Secret Ways to Meet Your Spouse’s Needs {marriage series 8 of 8}

In the FINAL episode of our Isogo TV Marriage Miniseries, we are unveiling the 5 secret ways to meet the needs of your spouse, so that when you have sufficient fuel in your own bucket, you can pour into him/her to connect more deeply together.

Sep 2017

ITV 60 | The Top 3 Ways to Make your Marriage Date Night a Success {marriage series 7 of 8}

17+ years into marriage, we are still figuring out how to make a regular date night a consistent thing for us, but when we DO head out on that date night, we are sure to make the most of it. Today on Isogo TV, we are diving into the top 3 ways to make our marriage date nights a true place for connection.

Sep 2017

ITV 59 | Create the Perfect Surprising Moment for Your Spouse {marriage series 6 of 8}

Today, we get to chat energetically through a fun one--how to surprise your spouse in a personalized and delighting way, through his/her Strengths. Learn the power of creating that surprising moment and get the specific tool you need to do so, too.

Sep 2017

ITV 58 | The 2 Daily Habits that Make All the Difference in Your Marriage {marriage series 5 of 8}

Several months ago, I made a commitment to 2 Daily Habits that needed a refresh in my marriage, and today, in the 5th episode of our 8 part Isogo TV Podcast Marriage Miniseries, I let you into those daily habits AND help you come up with the 2 daily habits that will work best for you.

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