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Aug 2018

ITV 67 | How to Close a Conflict Even When it is Not Resolved {conflict resolution 6 of 6}

Here’s the thing in conflict. It doesn’t always get completely resolved. You don’t always feel 100% restored. So, how do you move forward? We say, close with care. Hear or watch this episode of Isogo TV to help you close with care in Strengths after your conflict conversation {even if you're still upset!}.

Aug 2018

ITV 66 | The Best Next Step for Overcoming Persistent Conflict {conflict resolution 5 of 6}

So what if you do all your self-examining and prep, you have the brave, private conversation, and your conflict is STILL not anywhere near resolved? It's time for the next best step---call in the support of a non-threatening someone else. Listen or watch this episode of Isogo TV to learn how and who to bring along!

Aug 2018

ITV 65 | Four Strategies for Respectful Confrontation {conflict resolution 4 of 6}

In conflict, it is SO tempting to bring in the calvary -- or at least those people around you that are certain to agree with you -- YET, the most effective approach to resolution begins in PRIVATE. In private you bring safety, trust and a position of respect. And you get a lot farther, quicker! Learn 4 strategies to getting to the bottom of your conflict and learn how to know when you are ready to really go in well to your conflict conversation.

Aug 2018

ITV 64 | But First…Your Own Heart! {conflict resolution 3 of 6}

By inspecting the motivation and position of our hearts, we come to a conversation about conflict resolution with a clean slate and humble state--the best predictors of success! In Episode 64 today, we feature two strengths based ways to inspect and set yourself up for success in your conflict resolution. 

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