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Sep 2018

ITV 70 | Your Strengths + The Content Career {Interview :: Melissa Hereford}

Here is the proof that you can change an overwhelming or so-so job into the most fulfilling, content career. Today, Melissa Hereford shares the story of her transition from a beloved corporate role, to a corporate mismatch and the misery it caused, to the career that she now enjoys...every day. It is relatable, and shows you the true power of understanding and following your Strengths--to a content career.

Sep 2018

ITV 69 | Your Strengths + Marriage Tension Transformed {Interview :: Murray Guest}

You may know Murray Guest as a natural facilitator and world leader in the strengths movement, with his work in transforming organizational cultures. On Isogo TV Episode 69, he opens up the door to his home and tells the authentic story of day-to-day marriage tension that has been transformed into a genuine “seek first to understand” love connection between them. {Listen + watch to start this type of transformation in your marriage tension today too!}

Sep 2018

ITV 68 | Your Strengths + Brave Career Transitions {Interview :: Kathy Kersten}

DESCRIPTION FOR ALL VID POSTING: You will be inspired to make the career change that your life is calling you toward. In Isogo TV Episode 68, Kathy Kersten shares her own Story of Life Change that unfolded as she followed the path of her Strengths. Listen/Watch the FIRST in our interview series today!

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