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Oct 2018

ITV 74 | Your Strengths + People Manager Relationships {Interview :: Lisa Cummings}

If you are a people manager who wants more productivity from your team and an effective way to navigate interpersonal conflict, you have to meet Lisa Cummings. On ITV Episode 74, Lisa shares about real relationships, real dynamics and real business results. All transformed by understanding and applying the Strengths Perspective.

Oct 2018

ITV 73 | Your Strengths + Getting Unstuck {Interview :: Paul Allen}

Paul Allen -- tech startup genius, brilliant people-manager {though it wasn't always that way!}, and an all together stand-up family man -- shares his Strengths Story of Change with us. Known for founding and now, not only shares his stories with us today, he compels us to believe -- that we can use our strengths to get unstuck and make a change for the good in our work + home + world.

Oct 2018

ITV 72 | Your Strengths + Authentic Executive Leadership {Interview :: Deana Porterfield}

Women leaders, you will not only be inspired by the life and work of Dr. Deana Porterfield -- you will walk away with clarity on what authentic, confident executive leadership is all about. Listen or Watch Isogo TV Episode 72 with us!

Oct 2018

ITV 71 | Your Strengths + The Process of Personal Impact {Interview :: Annamarie Mann}

If there is a process that leads to personal impact through your strengths, Annamarie Mann has a corner on the market. She shares with us a four step process that she has followed to experience impact in her personal life, through her Strengths---from her own internal dialogue, to her marriage, to her parenting. And what's's a process that you can use, too.

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