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Jun 2019

ITV 84 | Improving Patient Care Using Strengths {with Margaret Smith}

It is what she had always been taught. Assess the gap, fix it, and you're on the track to improve engagement, safety, patient care outcomes and beyond. Yet, Margaret Smith found, it didn't make sense. Today on Episode 84 of the Isogo TV podcast {audio + video}, Margaret joins us to share of this very journey in her role as a consultant and talent manager in healthcare systems -- from deficit to strength. And, ultimately, she says, the impact goes beyond the teams and directly to the quality of patient care which is what makes all the difference.

Jun 2019

ITV 83 | A Revolutionized Life Using Strengths {with Tom Loeblein}

The leaders share values and see eye to eye, yet somehow, when it comes to making decisions, they were struggling. So, one partner took a deeper dive, into their strengths. What he found revolutionized them. Today, on Isogo TV Episode 83, that partner, now President and CEO, Tom Loeblein, shares his story -- about the strengths perspective and as he says, the revolutionary impact it had in both his personal life and his organization.

Jun 2019

ITV 82 | Become an Asset in Motherhood Using Strengths {with Caitlin Kissee}

Over the past three years, today's Isogo TV Podcast Episode 82 guest, Caitlin Kissee has journeyed from a place of despair in motherhood to the whole and healthy mama she is today. Much of that wholeness she attributes to understanding, dialing and learning to love her strengths.

Jun 2019

ITV 81 | Parenting Breakthroughs Using Strengths {with Analyn Miller}

They were not connecting with their teenaged kids. At least not in the way they expected to. Or wanted to. They needed a new approach to parenting. What they discovered truly worked. For all their kids. Today, in Episode 81, Analyn Miller shares about that approach--that rekindled the connect and inspired her kids to be exactly who they were designed to be.

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