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Jul 2019

ITV 89 | Tackling the Unknown Career Challenge Using Strengths {with Eduardo Villavicencio}

For the first time in his life, Eduardo Villavicencio clearly saw and could articulate his own value, so he could confidently say "yes" to the right career role and "no" to the others. Today, on Isogo TV Podcast Episode 89, you get to hear from the middle of Eduardo Villavicencio's career journey. He shares about the unknown challenges that his strengths revealed and the career clarity and trajectory they created for him---even directing him closer toward his IKIGAI, his reason for being. It's relatable and real, and you're sure to take away a nugget for your own career, right here from Eduardo today.

Jul 2019

ITV 88 | From Teenager to Young Adult Using Strengths {with Ciera Tyler}

It all started with a food fight --- teenager style. Out of no where, chicken and potatoes were flying, right at her head. She was humiliated, confused, and...mad. As Ciera Tyler says in Episode 88 of Isogo TV Podcast, this was a defining moment in her life. She had no idea what went wrong. But her parents had a clue. They had her "strengths". Ciera has been living the Strengths perspective for almost half her life already, and today she tells a story that we can all not only learn from but also be inspired to take action with the teenagers and tweens in our lives.

Jul 2019

ITV 87 | Equip for Hard Conversations Using Strengths {with Mark Wolfe @ Southwest Airlines}

At Southwest Airlines University, they are equipping leaders to have the tough conversations that must be had in order to advance the mission and stay happy at work. But they do not need to be impossible. And that's what today's guest, Mark Wolfe of Southwest Airlines University and his team have set out to show -- and lead by example they do! He even leaves us with an inspiring message from their founder Herb Kelleher that has everything to do with taking a risk to be crazy and live a life that matters.

Jul 2019

ITV 86 | Building Confidence + Productivity Using Strengths {with Santor Nishizaki}

Could it be that even someone with a proven track record, success at every level, and an unabashed drive to win could find a lack of confidence at his core? When you meet this guy, you'll find it unlikely. Yet, that's not what his story says. Dr. Santor Nishizaki shares about how "asking what is right" with himself and the people around him has paved the way for not only removing the bias amongst generations and building happier workplaces, but personally giving him a better sense of confidence as a young leader and a level of productivity he had never yet before achieved.

Jul 2019

ITV 85 | Building Resiliency in Women Executives Using Strengths {with Shauna Sobers}

Today on the Isogo TV podcast, Shauna Sobers -- Assistant Director of Residence Life at University of Texas at Austin -- shares stories + paradigms from her strengths journey that speak to breaking down cultural divides, the resiliency of women executives of color, and giving yourself permission to live from your best place. It's a fascinating and powerful journey from a positive and confident leader that you don't want to miss.

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