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Sep 2020

ITV 127 | Wellbeing in Crisis Using Your Strengths {Interview by Kat Rippy}

Have you been completely wiped sometime over the past 5-6 months? I know I have. And my biggest energy boost comes by redirecting my strengths. From exercise to getting enough mental space, your strengths tell you what you need and how to get it. In Episode 127, you'll hear Kat Rippy, a seasoned CEO coach, interview me about the power of our strengths to impact our wellbeing. Remember to ask yourself, what is one way I can tweak my strengths to boost my wellbeing?

Sep 2020

ITV 126 | Wellbeing in Crisis Using Your Strengths {3 Keys}

These days, as everyday uncertainty continues to persist, we are all carrying around an additional level of stress that wears on us. Can you feel it?? It's there. It's an extra weight and it's challenging our feelings of wellbeing on every level. Today, we get to jump into 3 part mini-series on Wellbeing together -- the strengths-perspective, and specifically the CliftonStrengths StrengthsFinder language, gives you a shortcut to a greater sense of wellbeing. Today in Episode 126, I'll share the three areas of wellbeing, some great stories of strengths-based wellbeing, and my own experience in what it looks like to try and fail and try again.

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