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Jan 2020

ITV 100 | Make Relationships Easier with your Command Strength

January 21, 2020

Relationships are hard. Which means life at work and at home with family is...well...hard! Can you really make relationships easier by using things that are ALREADY true about you and the people around you?? Yes you can! The CliftonStrengths Command strength is all about the willingness to step and take charge where there is a leadership void. Where this super-power strength matches with what people around you understand and expect from you, then great --- have at it. Where it is misunderstood or perhaps even over-used, now is the time to be prepared to dial it in --- to protect and honor the relationships around you. Listen + watch Isogo TV Episode 100 to hear how you or the people around you can use the Command strength to make relationships easier -- in your family or your team!